The Big Brother bandwagon may be beginning to run out of steam, but some brands are still jumping on it, trying to make it run the extra mile to force out that last breath of publicity. Latest Big Brother "personality" to front a brand is Darren Ramsey. He did most of the cooking in the house and developed a bit of an obsession with Marjorie the chicken. Well, guess what he's promoting? Oddly enough, Chicken Tonight! But it's not so much of a bandwagon as a roadshow. Van den Bergh have invited Darren to join the Stir It Up! from Chicken Tonight roadshow. The idea is for him to travel the country showing people how easy it is to cook up a chicken dish in 10 minutes. This coincides with TV ads running throughout November. Alison Cousin, category controller for recipes sauces at Van den Bergh Foods, said: "Darren is now inextricably linked with chicken and his high profile will help us to create awareness and drive both trial and penetration of Stir it Up!" Yes, but that's only if Darren and the rest of the Big Brother has-beens don't drive us mad first. {{COUNTERPOINT }}