Defra: sustainable food plans threatened by 'no cook culture'

Skipping breakfast could have global consequences

The 20 million people in the UK regularly skipping breakfast risk ruining the planet as well as their health, according to a government-commissioned report published this week.

The report, produced as an offshoot of Defra’s Green Food Project, warns that consumers are increasingly motivated by price and volume through factors such as supermarket multibuy discounts and are therefore less likely to consider the environmental impact of their diets.

It said people in the UK spent an average of eight minutes cooking an evening meal, contributing to a decline in cooking skills and poor knowledge of ingredients.

The report, produced by consultants Best Foot Forward, calls on the government to work with food and drink companies to combat the “no cook culture”.

“There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that UK consumer food behaviours are currently misaligned to the building and maintenance of a more sustainable food system,” concludes the report.

“There are social, health, environmental and economic challenges on personal and national levels, with far-reaching implications.”