Selfridges' joint promotion with Food From Britain, A Taste of The Nation, has done the trick for suppliers. All involved have been "pleasantly surprised" by increased sales.
Selfridges' general manager of food operations Jean-Paul Barat and head of buying Stephen Wright had the idea to promote "the outstanding products on our doorstep" at a brainstorming session in a Parisian bar last year.
The campaign was launched in June and runs for six months.
It showcases products from eight regions at the London and Manchester stores, focusing on a different area every three weeks.
Barat says: "We've already decided to list three new suppliers, one of which is new to retail.
"There is still a great deal of potential to be explored in this area."
Fresh fish and shellfish have led the way, there has been greater demand for organic chicken, lamb and venison, and confectionery and cheese have also sold well.
FFB director of business and UK services Charlotte Lawson said: "The length and sheer scale of this promotion underlines the growing consumer interest in regional and speciality food and drink products."