Retailers have called for rioters to “feel the full force of the law” as the UK continues to reel from this week’s widespread civil unrest.

The British Retail Consortium yesterday met with home secretary Theresa May and business secretary Vince Cable to demand that wrongdoers receive stiff penalties for attacking and looting shops.

“For too long, shop crime has been wrongly regarded as a low priority,” said BRC director general Stephen Robertson.

“There is a myth that stealing from stores is victimless and that police resources are better used elsewhere. The sad events of the past week should have brought home to everyone the huge economic and human costs caused by crime against the retail sector.

“The police and the courts need to place greater emphasis on catching and punishing those responsible for all shop crime.”

The UK last night experienced a largely trouble-free evening, with bad weather cited as a possible factor in the low levels of unrest.

Meanwhile, the Association of Convenience Stores has issued a series of guidelines for independent store owners that suffered damage during the recent disturbances.

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