The next most important category for consumers is information on genetically modified (GM) ingredients. Almost two-thirds of those surveyed think it is important that food containing GM ingredients is labelled as such; the reason being, for most of them, is that they simply have a right to know'. We at NCC cannot ignore such a strong message and so, not surprisingly, we are very pleased that the European Commission proposes to extend and strengthen GM labelling. Even though more still needs to be done, these proposals are a good start. The EU plans would extend labelling to GM derivatives (ingredients made from GM material but in which the modified DNA has been destroyed during processing). Our poll shows that over half of consumers want to know if their food contains GM derivatives. So we were amazed at last week's decision by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) not to back this proposal. The FSA says there is a danger of fraud if the proposed legislation is not properly enforced. We say that is an urgent reason to ensure that enforcement can be made to work. Just because some people drive too fast isn't an argument for not having a speed limit. {{NEWS }}