Team England under fire MLC proposals to deal with the issue of devolution and possible fragmentation have failed to impress the British Meat Federation. Top trade figures, led by president David Maunder, mounted a concerted attack on the MLC's provisionally titled Team England proposals at its annual meeting. They were particularly incensed by suggestions that the Welsh and Scottish marketing bodies ACC and QMS would be able to cherrypick MLC services on a pay as you go basis, while England would continue to support the whole package. Peter Scott, BMF general secretary, said: "The MLC proposals do offer some degree of autonomy but the question is, how much and will that be acceptable? And what happens if John Prescott's proposals for NE and NW England devolution become fact? "It may be that this will lead to an organisation that will not have critical mass to carry out its full functions. Maybe we should be looking at some sort of federalised MLC. There are lots of questions and not many answers." MLC chairman Peter Barr and his team of four top executives who attended the meeting were left in no doubt about the mood of English wholesalers who have a few more weeks to put their objections into print in the current consultation exercise. {{MEAT }}