Diageo has boldly predicted that 20% of its UK profits over the next five years will come from new products and brand revamps.

Commercial MD Steve Gannon said the future was in the “reinvention of existing brands or from new brands”.

“We’ve never had the resource on innovation that we have now, and it’s bearing fruit,” he said.

Diageo is to get the ball rolling with a major development to its Gordon’s gin brand. The drinks giant is keeping its cards close to its chest, but confirmed it would not be returning to Gordon’s RTDs following the failure of Gordon’s Edge.

A pre-Christmas marketing blitz across its brands will see Diageo move the marketing for Smirnoff and Smirnoff Ice away from each other, both in style and content.

Smirnoff marketing director Philip Gladman said: “We want the vodka to be a style icon and Ice to be a street icon.”

Both brands are being advertised on TV pre-Christmas, and Smirnoff will also get new, sleeker packaging as part of a £250m global spend.

In a break from normal TV sponsorship, Smirnoff’s marketing team has created the Joy of Decks, an ITV talent series based on turning bedroom DJs into stars. Smirnoff will face restrictions on product placement but expects to feature heavily. Gordon’s will also be back on TV.