Inspiration comes from consumer insights and behaviours uncovered through research, he says. "But we also work on technological breakthroughs, which can come from new packaging or liquid development ideas."
The RTD category is the most dynamic in the alcoholic drinks market, growing at 39% year-on-year, and Diageo is determined to develop it.
Robinson says: "With the launch of Gordon's Edge (aimed at bringing older consumers into the category) and Smirnoff Black Ice (aimed at bringing current RTD-rejecters into the category), we are expanding and developing the category."
He reports that Smirnoff Ice (launched July '99) and Archers Aqua (launched May '01) continue to outperform the category. Smirnoff Ice has a 17.5% category share and is growing at 57% year-on-year. Archers Aqua has 9% one year after launch.
But the key task to grow business lies in customer relationships, Robinson says. "We have restructured our commercial teams to improve service and are encouraged by being the top alcoholic drinks supplier in a recent survey by The Grocer."
survey, but it's only by working understanding the challenges customers face, tailoring activities to suit their needs and developing joint marketing plans, that we can grow our businesses.