Annual Old MooreÕs Almanack, The 2000 CollectorsÕ Edition, £1.30, distributed by MMC in counter display packs of 20 copies. Readers will have a chance to win cash prizes worth £20,000 SP Official Playstation Special £5.99, os July 30, SoR, Future Publishing. A football special issue, it will carry a covermounted CD SP Scottish Premier League Official Annual 2000 £5.99, August 28, SoR, publisher, Marvel Comics, MarketForce. On sale for 18 weeks SP No Children Please! Annual, £5.95, coverdated 2000 Edition due March 1 2000, MarketForce terms. Link House publication aimed at people who want a holiday with an adult environment SP Cosmopolitan Real Life Stories £2.95, os for eight weeks, distributed by Comag. Expands on the magazineÕs True Life Section. {{CTN }}