Sir; re Focus on Oils (The Grocer, July 6, 2002) ­ an excellent feature. However one statement made was not correct. On p57 in the crop information, Mike Miller of Unilever Bestfoods says that "this year wasn't a bad year in Italy". This gives readers the wrong information. Italian production in 2000/01 was 550,000 tonnes. In 2001/02 it fell to 400,000 tonnes, and the current forecast for 2002/03 crop is 500,000 tonnes, ie back to normal levels. In addition to a small crop in 2001/02, the overall quality was lower than normal in both Greece and Italy, making it difficult to source good quality extra virgin. Hence the 20% increase in price for extra virgin earlier this year. Poor crops in Greece and Italy were partly balanced by a very large Spanish crop. But Spain had a lot of low quality EV and so the price for good quality EV soared. Walter Zanré Filippo Berio UK {{LETTERS }}