Sir; Scottish Courage's decision to launch a canned version of their Theakston's Cool Cask (The Grocer, September 23, p88) illustrates what can happen when the marketing department is allowed a free hand to promote a brand and by doing so destroys the very uniqueness that makes the original so special. Theakstons Cool Cask was developed to deliver the taste of cask conditioned beer (real ale) at a temperature which suited many customers. It is an unfiltered and unpasteurised beer that continues to slowly ferment in the cask from which it is served. It is not served with extraneous nitrogen or carbon dioxide and it delivers the real taste of real ale. On the other hand the canned version is pasteurised and filtered and gassed up with a "higher level of nitrogen". All the effort of the brewers to develop a cask-conditioned beer that will appeal to many has been destroyed by producing a canned version. And the decision to call it by the same Theakston Cool Cask name is one of the crassest examples of brand stretching I have come across. It will lead to confusion in the minds of the consumer and do little to promote the distinctiveness of cask conditioned beer. Another own goal for Scottish & Newcastle and just when they were doing so well. Ian Roe Research manager Campaign for Real Ale {{LETTERS }}