Sir; Can we lay to rest the myth that the world has enough food, and people only starve because of inadequate distribution (Mark Hipshon, Letters, February 23). Most of our agricultural exports go to other rich countries. Even if they didn't, diverting exports would not help the developing world. Not only is the food we produce inappropriate to Africa and Asia, their countries want to feed their own populations, not depend on aid handouts or cheap imports that destroy their agricultural economy. Food exports are one way developing countries can earn the foreign exchange to buy what they can't yet make for themselves. Cities in the developing world are growing faster than the ability of indigenous farmers to support them with food. Those farmers need simple but powerful technologies to increase yields and protect crops. Better seed has to be part of the solution, plus infrastructure investment. The same situation led China to become the fourth biggest cultivator of GM crops. Robert Blood FreiburgGermany {{LETTERS }}