Most countries, with the exception of the UK, have one set of requirements for packaging in household waste and a different set for commercial and industrial waste. Here's how other countries meet the latter: - In Germany end users usually arrange for used packaging to be collected and delivered to a reprocessor (paid for by suppliers). - In Austria manufacturers and distributors take back used packaging unless it is covered by a collective system or delivered to a large waste holder'. - In France, Ireland and Spain, end users are responsible for ensuring used packaging is reused or sent for recovery or recycling. - In the Netherlands packers, fillers, importers and distributors have a legal obligation to meet targets, but collections costs are paid by the end user. - Portuguese and Spanish end users are responsible for ensuring that packaging is reused, recovered or recycled. - For Belgium the situation is the same as Germany as regards industrial packaging, while commercial packaging is covered by a compliance scheme which also handles household waste. - For the Scandinavian countries ­ Finland, Norway and Sweden ­ producers/importers ensure recovery and recycling targets are met. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}