Mary Carmichael
Mexican food company Herdez is taking on the big names in the UK Tex-Mex arena with a new range of authentic Mexican food products under the Do񡠍aria brand.
Old El Paso, Discovery and retailer own brands currently lead the UK market, but Herdez claims the Do񡠍aria range is the first to be made in and imported directly from Mexico.
The range, available to retailers now, includes tortilla chips in Cactus, Two Chilli and Jalape񯠃heese flavours and salsas featuring tomato and chilli, sesame seeds, peanuts and chocolate, as well as desserts and chillies.
Ready meals and meal kits include specifically Mexican ingredients such as cuitlacoche fungi and pickled cactus. All the products sport a Mex Mex' stamp ­ a mark of excellence backed by the Mexican government.
Packaging also carries information on the origins, authenticity and quality of the products as well as usage instructions.
The launch is being backed by regional TV ads, posters, sampling, national press ads and a promotional campaign.
Already established in the US, Canada and South America, Do񡠍aria's UK launch is spearheading its push into Europe. According to the company, Mexican food accounts for around 16% of a UK ethnic food market worth just under £600m.
Patrick Guerin, commercial director of UK distributor Jenks Sales Brokers, said UK consumers were ready to move on from Tex Mex dishes.
"They're increasingly demanding the real thing as it is produced, prepared and eaten in its country of origin," he claimed.

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