The British Dental Association (BDA) is to change the way it accredits brands as part of a policy overhaul. It has decided that it will no longer invite approaches from manufacturers but instead actively seek out products which it believes deserve recognition.
The change means that ties with a number of high profile brands including Ribena Toothkind and Wrigley's Orbit could be severed when their current agreements come to an end.
Ribena Toothkind, which pays the BDA for the right to use its logo, has proved a particular problem to the Association. Two years ago the High Court ruled manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline had misled consumers by claiming the brand "doesn't encourage tooth decay". However, a BDA spokeswoman said no decision would be made about the Association's backing of Toothkind until its current agreement came to an end next year.
She said: "The change will mean smaller companies, as well as big ones will have a chance to take part. The toothcare category has mushroomed in recent years, with rows and rows of products where there used to be just a couple."

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