Alaster Purchase
Business manager, global data synchronisation, GS1 UK
SIR; There appears to be some confusion surrounding the support offered by major ­retailers and suppliers for the Global Data Synchroni­sation Network (GDSN), which is GS1's open standard for global data synchronisation ('Suppliers slow to adopt GDS systems - survey', The Grocer, May 6, p12).
Alison Clements notes that Procter & Gamble, ­Unilever, Kraft and ­Masterfoods are backing the GS1 UK data pool. In fact, the suppliers are supporting the GDSN ­initiative 'Get our data right - first time'. GDSN, developed by supply chain data stan­dards body GS1 UK, synchronises the product data held within GDSN-compliant data pools - such as the GS1 UK data pool.
The initiative went live last month and, with the support of the likes of Tesco, Asda and Makro, we expect to see adoption continue to increase at a healthy rate.