It's week two of Delia's trek through the store cupboards in her 'How to not bother cooking' series and I'm ashamed to admit I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

This week she visited the HQ of an unnamed supermarket, to keep in touch with the latest innovations (it's ready-made whipped cream, thicko). And, while sitting around the

table with the NPD head honchos, Queen Delia gave her thoughts on what the next big thing would be.

Cue bated breath as the development team sat in dizzy anticipation, one hand on the phone to give a buyer the green light to buy a country's worth of the stuff. Then the dramatic pause before Delia delivered her verdict. And lo, what spake she? Canned meat, that's what.

You could hear a soufflé sink as the camera panned round the team, who were displaying looks of disbelief and even attempts to stifle laughter. There will be no rush on Spam this Easter, they were thinking.

But don't worry, Delia hasn't lost her touch on backing a winner. You can bet your life there will be a rush on her cookbook, because all the brands she extols on TV are hidden because the Beeb can't show them. The only way to find out is to buy her new tome. The NPD team had better make that call to their book buyer instead.