Coca-Cola is refusing to let go of the Dasani dream just yet.

Speaking at its market address last week, Coca-Cola Enterprises marketing director Norman Brodie said that purified water still represented a potentially massive market in the UK.

He pointed out that four in 10 bottled water products sold around the world are purified water while in the US the number one and two brands in the market are purified products. He said: “Dasani was not a rush of blood, purified water was, is and remains a huge opportunity.”

Brodie said that the Dasani affair had little impact on the company as a whole.

He said: “Dasani represented seven million cases out of a total of 500 million, we do however remain very committed to bottled water.

“At the moment we are talking to our customers and consumers about the best way forward. We have not made any decisions on the future of Dasani or our involvement in the water market.”