Following a concerted effort by daily newspaper publishers to curb lateness, the number of wholesale double runs crept up again during June. Latest figures from the Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers show the number of reruns rose nearly 3,000 ­ from 6,020 in May to 8,817 last month. Figures for the Daily Mirror almost trebled, up from 833 in May to 2,421 in June. The Independent also experienced problems, with 2,769 double runs reported. There were, however, some improvements: The Daily Telegraph more than halved its May figure, while The Guardian was responsible for the smallest number of double runs (85 compared with 205). Fortunately, the Sunday papers fared better with the number of reruns falling by 1,204 to 1,570. Biggest improvement was at The Sunday Times where there were 40 double runs compared with 819 for the previous month. {{CTN }}