Farmer-owned businesses are in pole position to capitalise on retailers& ' desire to demonstrate corporate and social responsibility in the light of the inquiry by the Competition Commission, according to the boss of Dairy Farmers of Britain.
Andrew Cooksey - group MD of DFB - said working with farmer co-operatives was an opportunity for ­retailers to engage with both farmers as well as the wider rural community.
DFB employs 2,600 people including 350 milkmen, and picks up milk from 3,000 farmers from Wales to Whitby, while Milk Link dominates the South West dairy scene.
"Retailers have a golden opportunity to increase their standing in local communities in by engaging more with farmer-owned businesses," said Cooksey.
"Farmer co-operatives give the retailers the chance to connect directly and ­positively not only with farmers but the community as a whole. The activity of a co-operative entirely ­supports the farmers and rural community."