Drinkers are in serious danger of damaging their health even if they do not binge, according to a new report from Mintel. The research found Britons are drink more frequently compared to people overseas.

"The over 45s are drinking more regularly, but not thinking they're in danger," Mintel senior drink analyst Jonny Forsyth told The Daily Telegraph. "They are drinking four, five, six days a week and it all adds up even though young people binge-drink more. Alcohol has also got stronger so it doesn't take as much to get your units. By stealth, the older drinkers are drinking to excess."

Since 2004, 1.8 million more adults have started drinking at home to unwind and analysts believe the availability of cheap alcohol, tougher action against drink drivers and the smoking ban has also encouraged this.

Meanwhile, wine has overtaken beer as the consumer¹s favourite drink to enjoy at home, with sales worth £6.49bn this year, The report also found that older and more affluent consumers are more likely to drink at home and prefer wine to enjoy after work or when entertaining friends.