Retailers attending ProRetail were the first in the country to see an innovative packaging concept from Evian. The concept is so new that only one Evian@ction bottle was at the show ­ and it was in a locked display cabinet. Targeted at busy adults looking to drink something on the move, Evian@ction comes in a 75cl squeezable plastic bottle featuring a flip lid cap with what the company claims is a unique dispenser system. And the "hook" at the top of the cap makes the pack easy to hold and open. The patented cap and squeezable bottle are said to offer a "superior water flow". Evian@ction is due to be launched into the independent sector next month and is expected to retail for between 75p and 99p. The launch will be supported by an ad campaign breaking in August ­ part of Evian's £7m spend this year. Evian said the new drink would capitalise on a number of trends: the growth of still water in the impulse sector; booming sales of one-shot packs; and the success of products with sports caps. "The format will encourage new consumers into the market," the company claimed. "And it will reinforce consumer perceptions of Evian as an innovative brand.' {{NEWS }}