Alcoholic drinks repeats last week's performance and remains the number one category, although its lead of 25 points has been slashed to just 6 percentage points. Confectionery is beginning to reassert itself and rises to number two as the Easter influence starts to have an affect. Cadbury leaps to the top of the brand chart and quite clearly supports the success of confectionery. The remainder of the brand chart is heavily dominated by new entries ­ of which there are eight ­ including Kellogg's, Heinz and Smirnoff. Asda moves from the bottom to the top of the chart this week just ahead of Safeway. Floor stacks continue to feature heavily in alcoholic drinks but throughout the remaining categories gondola ends are most frequently used. Buy one get one half price offers are particularly common this week along with the ever-present price promotions. l Promotrack is produced for The Grocer by Logobrand on a weekly basis to highlight the key promotional activity in the top four multiples. For more details log onto its web site: {{GROCER 33 }}