The British Retail Consortium and UK retailers are backing a government campaign to persuade consumers to cut down on the amount of waste they produce. The government's National Waste Awareness Initiative ­ planned for June ­ will incorporate roadshows at UK shopping venues, encouraging consumers to reduce, reuse or recycle their rubbish. It will also offer retailers marketing and PR support informing customers about handling rubbish. The NWAI is being coordinated by environmental groups Save Waste and Prosper and Waste Watch. SWAP communications director Gareth Morton said: "The campaign hopes to reach the public in a way other recycling campaigns have not." He said the initiative would initially run for four weeks with a budget of £680,000. Marks and Spencer environmental affairs manager Rowland Hill, who was initially the BRC representative on the NWAI committee, said the multiple was considering its own waste management programme. "We're doing a Winter Warmer clothes return later this year ­ people can bring their old clothing back and we will pass it on to a homeless charity." {{NEWS }}