E-currency specialist beenz.com has launched a new scheme enabling retailers and manufacturers to boost brand loyalty and access valuable information about their customers in exchange for virtual cash. Beenz has secured patents providing it with exclusive rights to add codes to products or packaging that consumers can cash in for beenz, the online e-currency A spokesman from the firm's New York offices said Beenz is talking to "a number of major international food manufacturers, suppliers and promotional agencies" with concrete partnerships likely to emerge "within 30 days". Shoppers key in the codes on their purchases at a specified web site to earn beenz. To secure their e-cash, they will be required to answer a series of questions requested by the manufacturer for marketing purposes. Beenz chairman Charles Cohen said the initiative would bring to bricks and mortar companies the marketing benefits that beenz has brought to online businesses. BeenzCodes offer "integrated on and offline incentive and reward programmes and promotions, which utilise the flexibility of the beenz e-currency concept", said Cohen. {{NEWS }}