High profile online drinks retailer Lastorders.com and Wap phone delivery service ZapitOver.com announced they were shutting up shop this week. Both e-retailing start-ups blamed poor investor support for their collapse. Lastorders.com, launched in July 1999, will cease trading in its current form. ZapitOver, previously known as WapitOver, will close at the end of the month. Lastorders.com co-founder James Oliver confirmed that lack of investment was at the root of their problems. Said Oliver: "A few months ago we realised we had achieved all the goals we'd set out to achieve." But he said that when they wanted to move the company forward, they did not get the support of all investors and funding was withdrawn. He added: "We came to an impasse and without that support it was impossible to develop. We are all very upset about it. "But we are going to let the dust settle and then we intend to relaunch. And if we can resurrect part of Lastorders, then we will." Lastorders.com had linked up with Booker operating a delivery service out of the cash and carry group's Wimbledon branch. Booker said: "We began trading with Lastorders.com last September as a trial in our Wimbledon branch. This arrangement was on a very small scale." Will Sankey, md of 86, the consultancy behind ZapitOver, said business had been growing steadily, with the company beginning to break even, but unfortunately, "it was too little, too late". {{NEWS }}