Urbandrop, the latest e-fulfilment firm to enter the market, launches next month in London. The firm has set up IT systems and tracking devices to coordinate the delivery of goods ordered online or by any other means to a 400-strong network of independent convenience stores or urbandrops' in London. Rather than returning goods to the original sender if the customer is not in, delivery firms can take goods to the nearest urbandrop. The firm is working with e-tailers and suppliers to arrange deliveries to urbandrops, but this is only one aspect of the service, said sales director Neil Riley. "We'll make most of our money through freight consolidation. Business Express and ANC are using us from November 6." The firm has a distribution centre enabling orders to be consolidated and taken to local urbandrop outlets. Consumers are alerted by e-mail, text message or telephone that their goods await collection. "We can handle 10,000 packs a night," added Riley. "C-store retailers get paid for each consignment." Urbandrop also has arrangements with postal services to have parcels and packages sent from local urbandrops to anywhere in the UK by the following day. Riley hopes to expand the service in the south east to cover the area within the M25, with Birmingham and Manchester next on the list. {{NEWS }}