Hippo Box is the simplest and cheapest solution to fulfiling home shopping orders when the customer is out. That is the claim of the e-fulfilment firm which launched this latest entrant to the unattended delivery market. Unlike other firms offering a similar service, Hippo backer Giraffe Marketing does not charge retailers for delivering to the box, designed by Chubb Safes. Instead, the customer pays a one-off fee of £190 for the box and a key. After manufacturers, retailers or delivery agents have deposited the goods, the lid snaps shut and locks. The system does not allow for more than one delivery because only the customer can open the box once it is locked, but unlike rival e-fulfilment options, Giraffe doesn't require a customer subscription or a pin access code. Made from steel, the box has a hinged front door with a push button lock. No deals with major grocers have been struck as yet but as the box is so easy to access, suppliers need not register with Giraffe to use it, explained a spokeswoman. {{NEWS }}