Supermarkets have been swift to reject claims that the price of Easter eggs is soaring.

Although media stories this week claimed prices on the seasonal favourites had jumped by as much as 140% on last year, retailers and analysts insisted prices were as competitive as ever.

"The base price of confectionery may have gone up, but customers are still paying the same as they did last year for Easter eggs," said Dalton Philips, Guest Editor of The Grocer and CEO of Morrisons.

Tesco is currently offering buy-one-get-two-free deals on eggs. "The price will be very similar to last year," a spokesman for the retailer said. "I can't guarantee that they will be cheaper, but there is certainly no way they have increased by even 20%."

Asda said it had fixed its medium-sized Easter egg price point at £1 and had expanded its discounted range.

The multiples have traditionally offered major discounts on Easter eggs. And they are expecting extra sales this year because of Easter falling on 24 April, its longest run in almost 60 years.

"Easter eggs aren't pricey this year, they're 10 a penny," added Gemma Lovelock of TLC Marketing Worldwide.