Next month's ECR Europe conference will be the biggest and best ever, according to the organisers. More than 3,000 delegates from around the world will fly to Glasgow for the sixth ECR Europe conference from May 15 to 17. One of the highlights will be a panel session with CEOs of Europe's top retail and manufacturing companies. Last year's panel urged the European grocery industry to spend more time looking at ways of building overall sales rather than beating up each other over price. This idea of how best to "grow the cake" will be an important theme. The event will scrutinise b2b exchanges with the mds of CPGmarket, GlobalNetXchange, Transora and WWRE on the same platform for the first time. Tesco and Sainsbury will provide updates about their home shopping activities. Tesco's Graham Booth, the conference co-chairman, said: "We are seeing the fruits of our labours in ECR starting to materialise in projects such as shrinkage, on shelf availability and collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment. "Glasgow will provide a full kit of tools for improving our businesses." {{NEWS }}