A £5m round of advertising for the humble egg starts this week, hoping to emulate the success of the 1960s TV commercials which made Go to work on an egg' a household catchphrase. The record annual spend, which was revealed by The Grocer last November, is led by a series of TV ads to be screened from Monday (January 14). Unable to copy the iconic 1960s treatments because of the demise of the morning fry-up, egg industry bosses have instead concentrated on promoting uses for eggs in the 21st century. Consumers will be urged to make eggs part of their daily diets in five treatments showing how quick and easy it is to prepare egg based meals such as Veggy Egg Pitta and Spanish Omelette. The new round of advertising, which is £1m more than last year's spend, follows successful battles against salmonella and cholesterol fears in the 1990s. Andrew Parker, chairman of the British Egg Industry Council, said: "Now that all the negative press has been finally put to rest, we can now move on." {{P&P }}