Publisher Emap Active is to merge Fore! and Today's Golfer to create a golfing super title'. The first issue of the merged magazine, which will be called Today's Golfer, goes on sale April 1 with a £2.99 cover price. Emap Active said the merger would be accompanied by a marketing campaign focused on the news stand, and it would unveil further details nearer the time. The decision to merge the titles came after research by the publisher identified two distinct categories in the golfing magazine market. The first is focused on the professional game, top stars and major clubs, and is served by Emap's other golfing title, Golf World. The second category, which has been named your game' by the publisher, is more concerned with instruction, courses and equipment. Fore! and Today's Golfer were effectively chasing the same readers in this market, and the former showed a 21 per cent sales loss in the latest ABC circulation figures (July to December 1999). Today's Golfer saw steady sale at just more than 60,000 per issue. Dave Clark, publisher of the new Today's Golfer, said: "In merging Fore! and Today's Golfer, Emap is no longer competing with itself and can focus investment on a brand which can interact with readers not only through the magazine, but via brand extensions which will include a web site, a network of registered teaching professionals, an award scheme and, eventually, digital TV." Today's Golfer will be distributed by Frontline. {{CTN }}