While I welcome the £3m grant from MAFF to Food from Britain to help rebuild the image of British food after the foot and mouth crisis (The Grocer, May 12, p6), it seems like a drop in the ocean compared to the job FFB is facing. Now that pictures of the funeral pyres have been beamed round the world, it will be a colossal task to change perceptions of British food ­ and it will be all British food, not just meat and dairy products that will need to be supported. The £3m looks even more meagre if it is to be spread right across the British market. Haven't Scotland and Wales got their own organisations already pouring millions of pounds into supporting their producers? At the IFE show earlier this year Wales and Scotland had very expensive looking stands compared with the English section. Talking to some of the exhibitors in the English section they felt like the poor relations to their Welsh and Scottish counterparts. Considering the difference in size between the countries you might expect it to be the other way round. In these days of devolution, perhaps it is time for a Food from England' organisation so producers here get a fair share of the funding that is on offer. It doesn't seem right that FFB is promoting the whole of Britain, and that Wales and Scotland get additional support, while England misses out. John Yates Bridlington {{LETTERS }}