Advertising of sumptuous Christmas spreads by supermarkets could be off the TV menu next year as the full effects of Ofcom's ruling on advertising of junk food to children kick in.

Festive favourites such as mince pies, chocolate logs and pigs in blankets are likely to fall foul of the FSA's nutrient profiling model, which will determine which foods are considered high in fat, sugar and salt and therefore face restrictions on when they can be advertised.

That will leave Sainsbury's Jamie Oliver and Iceland's Kerry Katona with little more than the Christmas turkey and a few Brussels sprouts with which to tempt viewers during children's programming and programmes that attract a large number of under-16s.

The FSA admitted to The Grocer it was unsure whether it would have to apply its nutrient profiling to adverts showing a vast number of different products, such as the Iceland ads depicting a full Christmas dinner.

However, Ofcom confirmed any advert showing any HFSS food would be banned during the restricted broadcasting times.

The Ofcom ruling will mean M&S's sexy 'This is not just chocolate pudding' advert, credited with helping the company turn its fortunes around, will face restrictions. Earlier this year, M&S chief exec Stuart Rose told The Grocer such an outcome would be "extremely extraordinary".