The British Retail Consortium has attacked the Climate Change levy as a stealth tax on retailers. Jeremy Beadles, BRC director of environment, property and transport said: "Retailers, large or small, will be losers. The Climate Change levy is another tax on business, however it is wrapped up." The legislation, which comes into effect through the Finance Bill on April 1, puts a premium on business energy consumption to encourage fuel efficient practice. Beadles said BRC research showed a typical major multiple with 700 stores would lose out to the Exchequer to the tune of £3m per annum. And a spokesman from the Association of Convenience Stores said: "It is a pretty serious burden on the small retailer. "Our research shows a typical convenience store will have to foot a bill of £800." The levy adds 0.43p per KW to electricity bills of over 1,000kw hrs a month and 0.15p per kw on gas over 4397 kw hours a month. {{NEWS }}