Spending on primary poultry dropped sharply between second and third quarters 2001 New DEFRa survey throws up sharp drop in poultry sales Surprisingly weak demand for primary poultry seems to be one of the main messages in DEFRA's new Expenditure and Food Survey, the long overdue replacement for the unreliable National Food Survey. The latest data, some shown in the chart, need treating with caution because the year-on-year changes in purchases and expenditure depend on figures from the old and new surveys which are not precisely comparable. However, DEFRA is confident its revised survey system will give a more accurate picture of the market. Most of the numbers are much as would be expected as a result of the FMD crisis. Spending on beef and pork dropped sharply during the during the April-June quarter after the disease was discovered, while the slightly puzzling strength of demand for lamb evident previously became more clearly visible. Beef and pork purchases and expenditure picked up during the summer, DEFRA's figures confirming trade talk at the time. However, primary poultry expenditure dropped sharply between the second and third quarters of 2001, falling far below the level of a year earlier during the July-September period, despite significantly smaller purchases. {{MEAT }}