British exporters are regaining ground in the battle for US consumer confidence in the wake of foot and mouth and the economic downturn following September 11. UK exports to north America did well in the years to 2000 against other EU suppliers in the world's largest food market. Shipments were expected to decline sharply in 2001 with the economic slump, but in the event they only fell 4%. In New York this week, Food from Britain executives had strong hopes for a recovery in 2002, endorsed by shippers and importers. US distributors said consumers were clamouring to buy British. Typical was Gerry Pressinger of New Hampshire distributor, The British Aisles. He handles 1,700 SKUs from Britain and is planning more. He said: "British products are world class. More and more of our shoppers are realising that." And private label business is, according to one distributor, "gaining respectability". {{NEWS }}