from Chloe Malik, director, Hot Marketing

Sir; Advertisers are missing out on a huge potential market by failing to communicate properly with black and Asian people.
The combined disposable income of ethnic minorities in the UK is £32bn, according to the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising. However, it would appear that companies are often guilty of ignoring this sector, maybe because very few businesses or agencies know how to target it effectively.
Most businesses don’t target using specialist media and fail to reflect minority cultures in mainstream advertising; 65% of black people say mainstream media is of no relevance.
The answer is to use specialist ethnic media and also support it with a mainstream campaign. There is an enormous diversity of cultures in the UK. Ethnic minorities are the fastest growing sector - in 15 years time they are projected to make up half the urban population. South Asians are the fastest growing middle class.
Many companies wrongly look at ethnic minorities as one homogenous sub-culture. Large companies throw a sum of money at the ethnic population without knowing where it should go. It seems inevitable that activity is centred on religious festivals and creatives harp back to stereotypes.
Ethnic minorities eat and drink too and make up a large percentage of the grocery trade so brands need to start being a little brave.