A major promotional push to support South African produce is being planned for next year by the country’s government.
The campaign is due to get under way on June 26 and is timed to mark the 10 years since apartheid ended. Major importers such as Capespan have been asked to contribute.
Meanwhile, the first Faitrade seedless grapes were due to go on sale in the Co-operative Group’s stores this week with Tesco following in a fortnight.
They are the result of the Thandi initiative, one of five fruit farming projects backed by the Capespan Foundation.
Grown on the 600 hectare Keboes farm, the varieties are Prime, Thompson, Superior and Flame Seedless.
This season some 70,000 - 100,000 4.5kg cartons of fruit will be exported, of which 65% will come to the UK.