Next year's Fairtrade Fortnight will be themed 'show off your label' in a bid to get Fairtrade enthusiasts to encourage others to support the movement.

The Fairtrade Foundation will call on manufacturers, retailers and Fairtrade licensees to be "loud and proud" about the Fairtrade mark during Fairtrade Fortnight 2011, which will run between 28 February and 13 March next year.

The Foundation hoped the 'show off your label' theme would encourage Fairtrade-loyal shoppers to show off their loyalty to Fairtrade products and extend support for Fairtrade beyond core supporters, said Cheryl Sloan, director of marketing.

It will also launch an online 'show off your label' campaign on Facebook. Each day the Foundation will set a different challenge asking people to show off their favourite Fairtrade product in unusual ways.