A chocolate bar that offers a sweet alternative to buying a lottery ticket is being launched.
Chocolotto is a Fairtrade bar that contains an instant-win ticket offering prizes ranging from a free bar, t-shirts and baseball caps to cash prizes of up to £1,000. Odds of winning are one in seven, with an additional chance to win a non-cash prize online.
The product, launched by The Greatest Store on Earth, supports the charity APT Enterprise Development, dedicated to reducing poverty in developing countries, with 7p from each bar (rsp: £1.50 for 20g) donated to the cause.
Susie Ogeborg, head of PR at The Greatest Store on Earth, said: “We are selling a whole winning concept, and not just as a bar of chocolate.”
Listings for the product are being secured in the multiples and forecourts, for launch next month, as well as universities, as Ogeborg said that students had a high awareness of the fair trade movement.