The prospect of widespread delisting is being faced by four products which have contravened the Portman Group's code of practice and each attracted a retailer alert. Interbrew's premium packaged spirit Wild Brew has come under fire because the watchdog's complaints panel said the product's alcoholic strength and nature were not clearly communicated. The complainant was another pps producer GBL International. Interbrew is revising the design of the brand and new stock will be in trade by the end of November. Halewood International has been criticised for its Sorted product which has an image on the label that could be thought of as a gun sight. The panel said this conveyed an association with violent behaviour. Zulu 42, which looks like an aerosol spray, was considered gimmicky and capable of encouraging irresponsible consumption. The direct allusion to an illegal drug was enough for a retailer alert on Cannabis ­ The Beer. The alerts are sent to the trade, magistrates, police and trading standards officers. Retailers are asked not to place orders for the products with their current packaging. {{DRINKS }}