Those of you familiar with Monty Python's Flying Circus will recall John Cleese working with serious and dedicated attention for the Ministry of Silly Walks, and demonstrating unusual perambulation techniques.
Clearly there are a few Python fans in the food industry, as The Grocer discovered when it came across the Ministry of Cake.
The company is the new incarnation of dessert manufacturer Maynard Scotts following a management buy-out last year and has just been launched in Taunton. Apparently Chris Ormrod has been named Prime Minister of the new department, which sports the logo of a bowler-hatted, moustached man brandishing a cake. The company says Ormrod's "Cabinet" includes ministers for finance, transport and creativity.
As Ormrod says: "In a world of mass-produced cakes we wanted to create a business identity that allowed us to stand out from our competitors and at the same time have some fun."
So does this mean we can look forward to cakes that taste good and make us laugh? That must be what's known as having your cake and eating it..