FareShare has renewed its call for companies to donate unwanted food to the charity after failing to hit its target of 10,000 pallets in a year.

It launched the challenge last October, but although overall volumes have risen 18% in the past six months on the same period last year, only 7,000 pallets have been received.

FareShare called on retailers and manufacturers to follow the example set by businesses such as Brakes and send unwanted food to a FareShare depot rather than throw it away.

"The point is to make dealing with FareShare part of 'business as usual'. We've had a number of companies respond but there are still a lot more out there", said FareShare director of operations David Meller. "We know from Wrap data there are some 2.96m tonnes of food disposed of every year when you consider the pallet figure there are a lot of people not doing the right thing with their food waste."

Meanwhile, The Oxford Food Bank, which launched a year ago, estimated it was now dishing out about a tonne of food a week to 15 charities.

Director Robin Aitken said it was working to boost capacity and duplicate the model.