National food redistribution charity FareShare has launched a scheme to provide the industry with a fresh way of disposing of its surplus or waste food and drink products.

The scheme, called FareShare 1st, will manage waste using a combination of three routes: charitable donation through the FareShare network (as much as 30%), resale through approved commercial channels and disposal through green routes such as zoos or composting.

Tony Lowe, chief executive of FareShare, said the charity had high ambitions for the new scheme: "Our aim is that none of the food that comes through the Fareshare 1st network will end up in landfill."

Lowe said that the FareShare scheme offered companies a waste food solution that was greener, more socially responsible and also potentially cheaper than previous traditional disposal methods.

FareShare 1st has been piloted by a number of food businesses in the past year and has helped these companies shave up to 20% off waste management bills. And the profit from this new scheme will be used to support the future work of FareShare.

"The potential for FareShare 1st is huge. It could provide a model for ensuring that resources are managed in a responsible, equitable but still profitable way in the future," said Lowe.