Sir; For the last decade farm shops have been allowed to trade under certain restrictions. They were normally only allowed in underdeveloped rural areas, it had to be clear they would not effect the viability of the village shops and their income had to be marginal to the economy of the farm. However, a recent decision by Lancaster City Council suggests these restrictions protecting the village shop may be changing. Planning permission was allowed to a farm shop half a mile between village and town. Two previous restrictions were relaxed.Firstly, it was permitted to sell products reared and grown on other local farms. And 20% of its sales will be allowed to be bought world wide. This shop has been permitted 12 parking places allowing 25 callers per hour ­ a possible weekly turnover of around £10,000. If 20% of this money was no longer spent in the village shop it would jeopardise its viability. Planners have resisted out-of-town retail development for the last thirty years. It seems odd to find it creeping through the back door. With roadside parking and a farmer's co-op shop that could equal the sales of the village shop. Politicians talk a lot about reducing car use and strengthening communities. This relaxation for farm shops seems to do just the opposite. MR Jackson Lancaster {{LETTERS }}