Farmfoods has broken through the 300 stores barrier. The frozen food specialist is continuing to search for new locations for its freezer centres and has now taken its store portfolio to 302 in the past few months.
Its most recent stores include new developments at Livingstone and Aloa in Scotland.
Farmfoods is currently number one on The Grocer’s list of Top 50 independent retail chains. The group last year had annual sales of £420m and the impact of these additional stores on its results will become clear when The Grocer publishes its next Top 50 list in February next year.
Farmfoods has added six new stores this year so it is likely that it will have consolidated its position on top of the pile.
Last year Farmfoods topped the Top 50 with growth of 20% year-on-year, way ahead of Tates in second place, which posted sales of £193m and growth of 5.5%.
More than 4,000 farmers were estimated to have taken part in this week’s three-day strike in protest against the power of the supermarkets and falling prices to suppliers.
Organiser David Handley, chairman of Farmers For Action, said the strike had gathered momentum as national press coverage encouraged farmers to join in. Protests involved farmers withholding milk and other produce, instead giving it away or dumping it on their land. Supermarkets insisted their stocks were not affected.