The Food Standards Agency is to develop guidelines for the terms that are used to describe the fat content of minced meat.
The announcement came after the agency claimed consumers were being misled by minced meat labels.
In a survey of 561 samples of fresh and frozen minced meat, the FSA said some products were purported to contain less fat than they actually did.
Other premium price products labelled ‘super lean’ or ‘extra lean’ contained more fat than mince labelled ‘lean’.
The FSA also said that more than one-sixth of the samples
that gave nutritional information contained more fat than the label claimed.
A spokesman for the Meat and Livestock Commission agreed there was room for improvement. “Clear labelling is something the FSA has been pressing for and championing for a very long time, and it is something we would like to see,” he said.
The FSA wants suppliers and retailers to agree clear definitions of terms.