Desmond Cracknell is stepping down as chairman of Food Brokers to become life president, and his son Victor is stepping into the chairman’s seat. Victor joined Food Brokers in 1975 and was the company’s personnel director before becoming deputy chairman 11 years ago. Well known around the world as “Mr Foodbroker”, Desmond made headlines in 1961 when he set up the UK’s first food brokerage business. He had earlier workedwith Procter & Gamble for five years following a successful career in the Fleet Air Arm. Food Brokers has introduced and built many successful brands in the UK grocery and pharmacy sectors, among them Pringles potato chips, Ferrero Rocher and Green Giant. In 1977, Desmond founded the European Food Brokers Association (now the European Sales & Marketing Association). Food Brokers now employs more than 200 people and has an annual turnover in excess of £165m. It handles major brands including Canderel, Chupa Chups, Kira St John’s Wort, Lift, Orange prepay vouchers, Mars drinks, Primula, Smint, Strathmore and TCP.