The Food and Drink Federation has relaunched a website aimed at parents after a survey showed many were struggling to provide healthy lunches for their children.

The survey of 1,300 parents, carried out by the FDF in association with, indicated that 23% felt confused about what their child should be eating to ensure they stayed healthy.

Almost three quarters said they would find it useful to have more information about how to put together a balanced packed school lunch.

This information has prompted the FDF to re-launch its website providing in-depth information about providing balanced, healthy lunches as well as new downloadable fact files, top 10 lunchbox tips and information on Guideline Daily Amount labelling.

"As the survey shows, there is a real need for pragmatic information on school lunchboxes by parents," said Julian Hunt, FDF director of communications.

The survey also indicated that 36% of parents sometimes found leftovers in their child's lunchbox, with 28% saying their child left fresh fruit, 26% a sandwich, 15% a yoghurt, 13% salad or vegetables and - perhaps most surprisingly - 12% crisps.